Four saxophones for Mario Marzi

On November 22 at the gorgeous Sala Tartini of the Trieste Conservatory, the Trieste Prima 2017 contemporary music festival presented the saxophonist Mario Marzi. The soloist was accompained by the Scuola di Musica e Nuove Tecnologie of the Conservatory; as a matter of fact, some pieces were for saxophone and live electronics. Among the composers Marzi played there was Giampaolo Coral and his Munch as well. In this case the theme of the festival, "music and vocalism", explored the sublimation of the term, because the Trieste composer wrote the piece following an internal resonance to Munch's paintings. The concert was fantastic, Marzi begun it playing the alto saxophone, but the second piece was performed on the soprano and the next on the baritone and so on, the soloist played all the saxophone family. Spectacularly. The audience applauded thunderously for a long time. (Photo: Mario Marzi)