"Thematic breathing"

On November 10 the Trieste Prima 2017 contemporary music festival presented the third concert of its autumn season. The vocalist Angèle Chemin and the milanese MDI Ensemble performed the historic "thematic breathing" of temA, the famous piece written by Helmut Lachenmann, demonstrating how a perfect musical structure can blend the "traditional" sound with the "physical" one (i. e. the background sound that appears together with the "intentional" one). Gervasoni's Aster Lieder echoed with the clearness that characterizes the writing of this renowned Italian composer, whereas Platz's dur moll hören resounded as a velvety sound stream. Imaginative sound colours are the main character trait of Järnegard's piece Isola.Pharos, while Rojac's Musica socchiusa was marked by a continuous movement. The performances were simply perfect. (Photo: Angèle Chemin)